Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pop and the Kit Car

Pop is going be be building a car soon. We don't know what kind yet - he's still looking.
These are pix from one of the shows he went to recently.

I'm SOOOO excited.

Fourth of July at the Olson's 2007

Great Fourth this year.
Breakfast for about 475.
Speeches, music, fireworks, yahoo.

We had our own bagpiper and the Catoctones, a barbershop chorus who were GREAT!!!Nathan was part of the Sheriff's Department honor guard that raised the flag.

Jillian enjoying herself. And big sister Elena all decked out with a crown of stars.

A frontiersman explained about being a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

We heard from the director of a local museum how the flag had changed over the years and what all the symbolism was about.
Roscoe Bartlet, our congressman, gave a few ideas of how we need to guard the Constitution in this our own time.
Veterans were acknowledged and honored for their devotion and service.

Pop "Paul Bunyan" Rector

Pop decided that 2 of the trees in our back yard needed to go. One had a lot of dead branches and the other was in the way of where he wants to put a utility shed so.....
He cut it all up and hauled it away to the tree "recycling center". Then he chewed up the stumps with a rented stump eater. Then burned the roots down to a couple inches below the soil. So now they are well and truly gone.

Yard and garden this year

Lots of green this year but we could use more rain.

The daylilies are really popping

We're growing lots of veggies this year. Corn, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, squash, chard, lettuce, melons, and onions. Of course the blackberries are going all out.