Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 Great Frederick Fair

I decided that I needed to enter my favorite shawl into the fair this year. And while I was at it (and since you had to buy a $10 ticket and could enter 3 things for that fee), I bought 2 tickets and entered 6 things.
I entered my favorite whole wheat/oatmeal rolls and my Mom's peanut butter fudge. They each took second place in their categories.

I entered my first completed garment made with my own spun yarn. It got a third place which is pretty remarkable considering how badly it is spun.

A scarf named Anjou because of the pear shaped images in the lace around the edges got a red ribbon for second place.

A green Huggable Hedgehog got a blue ribbon.

The Jaali shawl which started life as a test knit for Kitman Figuero won, not only a blue ribbon, but THE BEST OF SHOW for the adult and children knit apparel category. Gotta love how they've got it displayed. But it IS a country style fair. I may decide to pin that ribbon on the front next time I wear it. LOL

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Book Review

Oh Say Can You See (Free Men and Dreamers #4)Oh Say Can You See by Laurie L.C. Lewis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A wonderful story that makes history come alive. The characters are like family now after these 4 volumes. Waiting for the end of the tale.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Red Robin Review

Out shopping today with Pop and decided to try out the new Red Robin by the FSK Mall. It was only 11:40 but the place was already packed although we didn't have to wait for a table. It was incredibly LOUD with the music, people shouting, and the hostess announcing tables ready. It took a long time for our drinks to come and after they did, I liked my milkshake (nothing fancy just chocolate but great on a 100+ day). Lynn's tropical smoothie was not to his liking. It left an aftertaste.
Lynn had the Guacamole Bacon Burger; he said it was good but he could hardly taste the guacamole. I had the Bleu Ribbon Burger and I loved it. The onion bun, onion straws, chunks of bleu cheese, and chipotle sauce made it very tasty but when I checked the nutrition upon arriving home....AAAAGGGGHHHHH. I'm glad I didn't eat all the steak fries...basically, I don't like the plank fried potatoes. Even though they were hot and crisp, they are way too starchy. I had planned to ask for a different side but forgot in the chaos.
Burgers are way too big to eat and way more that needed for a single meal. Lynn and I could have easily shared one and still been satisfied. Although the burgers were good, the price was still a bit exorbitant...$10 for just the burger is a bit over the top.
All in all, we give it 3 out of 5 stars on the Rectorometer. Probably not going back with so many other places to try out.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Red Lobster Review

Lynn and I had the Red Lobster experience today in celebration of his birthday. He wouldn't let me tell them as they might sing.
We went at lunchtime because every night this week has been busy with one thing and another.
We started with seafood stuffed mushroom appetizers; they were very nice but not as pretty as the ones on the menus. Followed this with Caesar salads with Cheddar Bay Biscuits (my own personal reason for choosing Red Lobster).
It was Lobsterfest so of course we had the Maine lobster, grilled shrimp with rice pilaf and broccoli. We had to get boxes to carry home all the leftovers. Rerun for dinner tonight.
The service was terrific and the food excellent. Probably as good as you can get at a chain restaurant. RECTOR REVIEW - 4 stars

Friday, February 25, 2011

Restaurant Reviews

Lynn and I have decided to try out a new local restaurant each week probably at lunch time and to give them the Rector Five Star Review.

So.... Lynn wasn't with me when I went to lunch with some friends to the local Bob Evans. The service was terrific and the food was yummy. I had a spinach/bacon/tomato/egg biscuit bowl; all smothered in a cheesy sauce. The price was reasonable and I felt like I would like to try making this at home until I googled it on the Bob Evans website and found out that it had over 1000 calories. YIKES. Maybe if I ever go there with Lynn, we could split an entree, then have only salad the rest of the day.
OK the Bob Evans Evelyn review................4 stars. Kudos to Annie our waitress. Efficient and friendly.

Today, Lynn and I went to Rib City, never having been to one before. We both like BBQ but this place was just not up to standard. The paintings on the walls were pretty hokey along with the country music playing. Service was really good and friendly. Nickie, our server was informative and pretty fast.
The food, however, was generic. Lynn didn't go BBQ; he ordered an angus burger and really enjoyed it but left half of the fries. I ordered the BBQ chicken plate with coleslaw. The chicken was a wing and a breast. The wing was blackened to a crisp and the breast was dried out. The only redeeming grace was that it had a good smoky aroma and the sauce at the table made it palatable. Coleslaw was too sweet but that's better than vinegary. Texas toast was greasy and the fries which were just fries, covered 2/3 of the least 3 servings. I left most of them; not even worth bringing home. OK Rib City Rector review.....a skimpy 3 stars. Service was good; food mundane. No need to return there.