Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something new!

I bought some 4 ply superwashed merino lamb's wool yarn in a big old cone over the internet. I wound off about 100 grams around the back of a diningroom chair and made a hank. I let it soak in room temp water with some vinegar for as long as it took me to run to the store to get some Kool-Aid. I wanted green and blue but that store didn't have any so I used lemonade and watermelon/kiwi. I put the two ends into ziplock baggies and pour one color in each end and left the center white except for splotching some of each color into the middle. I then put it all into a microwaveable casserole dish and zapped it for 2 minutes, cooled for 2 minutes, and repeated twice more. After cooling it to room temperature, I washed the hank in dishsoap but no color came out in the water. After rinsing, I hung it to air dry. Then wound it into balls.

I had already decided to make it into a variation of Monkey Socks by Cookie A.

And here they are. I'm not crazy about the way they striped but next time I'll change the way I dye the yarn so that the color is more mottled. Plus I found blue and green. The socks only weigh a little over 70 grams so I have enough left over to make a little pair for some unsuspecting baby.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Current WIP's

This pattern is called Haruka and is pretty easy. I'm using a textured cotton yarn called Queen Anne's Lace that I got at the Shenandoah Fiber Festival. I think it will be a pretty scarf.

This scarf pattern is one from the Lionbrand site and wanted me to use their Microspun yarn. But I have some lovely soft Baby Ull that I got at Eleganza on my New Year's Eve shopping frenzy. So this scarf is in the works too.
I also have the shawl made from Stan the alpaca on the needles and the Peacock Feathers pattern and yarn standing by.
I looks like a winter of lace knitting.
But I just can't quit making socks. I just finished the first of a pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie A. - highly modified. Only three repeats of the leg pattern stopping at the foot and no purling. They are made of bermuda blue New England Shetland Wool. They should be very toasty for my tootsies.

January Knitting

Somewhere along the line, Mama and Baby Goose lost their stocking caps that go with their January ski outfits. So I faked them some new ones. I'm hoping it will keep their ears (?) warm.

Remember Tribbles from Star Trek? This is a Tribble. You can wash dishes with it or (my personal favorite) use two as potholders. If you made a really bigger one, could it be a tribble trivet?

I finally finished up the Baby Surprise Jacket. It's completely reversible and except for the collar, knit in just one piece with the only seams at the top of the sleeves.

Cabled purse made from free-cycled yarn that had been a half-way made afghan.

Baby booties for a February baby made from Baby Ull.

Socks of Alpaca Sox yarn with two different patterns. Second socks are the pits to knit - boooooorring. So I have a new rule. I can make socks with two different patterns as long as they are similar enough that people won't stop me on the street to point at my socks and laugh.