Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oooooh, So Delicate

I finally finished my lacy stole that I had started in April then put into hibernation. The yarn is soooo tiny, it's like knitting with thread. Well, it's done and blocked. About a billion mistakes but if you see them, you are looking entirely too close. It's a lace sampler; there are 13 sections of different laces and then there's the outside edging that took 3 solid days to complete. Never again. I'm more the peasant shawl made of big bulky yarn type anyway.

More Parking Space

Dad decided that we need more room for parking the trailer so he got a guy to come put in an extension behind the apron. They got it paved in one morning.
But to get the room for them to work, the Fiero had to go into the garage. Pop enlisted Nathan's help to move it. He already has some of it taken apart. I'm suggesting a lot of Baggies and a list of where the parts came from.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stitch 'N Pitch at the Keys

Keyote and friends at the game.

August 20 was the first annual Stitch 'N Pitch at the Frederick Keys. 38 knitters and crocheters had our own section to watch the Frederick Keys play the team from Lynchburg.
That's me crocheting on the edging of a knit wrap. I am wearing my YARRRRN tee shirt and hand knit socks.

Some of our group from Frederick Folks group of Ravelry.
Miss Frederick came by to meet and greet and our own Princess Stephanie, the birthday girl, got a photo op.Cinnamon got a special treat at the top of the 9th by becoming Queen Cinnamon of Burgertopia, complete with crown and coupon.
And Veruca made a guest appearance.

Family Reunion 2008

August 17th we gathered to check out the changes and happenings in our families in the past year. Lotsa great food and fun.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Pop has finally picked out the car project he is going to start on.
He found a 1987 Pontiac Fiero that he's going to change into an Aldino K/O.
He got the Fiero donor chassis from a yard sale in Thurmont and had a guy haul it here today. The car runs but isn't licensed or insured yet.

Here's what the kit looks like when it's done and painted red which color Pop may or may not choose. The body kit is made by a company called Aldino Car Company that you can see at www.aldinokit.com They say it has a "European flair" - Ferrari, maybe?
He'll be re-doing the engine, etc. too but we'll learn more about that as we go along.