Monday, August 04, 2008


Pop has finally picked out the car project he is going to start on.
He found a 1987 Pontiac Fiero that he's going to change into an Aldino K/O.
He got the Fiero donor chassis from a yard sale in Thurmont and had a guy haul it here today. The car runs but isn't licensed or insured yet.

Here's what the kit looks like when it's done and painted red which color Pop may or may not choose. The body kit is made by a company called Aldino Car Company that you can see at They say it has a "European flair" - Ferrari, maybe?
He'll be re-doing the engine, etc. too but we'll learn more about that as we go along.

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Aldino Car Company said...

Good for you, POP. You couldn't have picked a better, more beautiful car. This Aldino is easy to assemble, made of the highest quality materials, and gives you more bang for your buck. You can turn a $3600 Pontiac Fiero into a $36000 Exotic Aldino. How can you beat that? You may wonder how do I know this; from experience-we manufacture them...

Best Regards, and good luck, Pop,
Richard and Ellen Lichte
PO Box 633
Oak Creek, WI 53154 - USA