Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green

We've been getting ready and painting the last couple of days. So far, the old backsplash has had 2 coats of the gripper primer and one coat of the finished paint "Willow". All the rest of the walls that will show and some that won't have 2 coats of the tinted regular primer. I may get the first coat of Willow on the walls tonight. I even painted the inside of the bumpout which will be behind the refrigerator but you never know who may be looking there.
The part that is blue to the right of the taken-apart dishwasher will be behind a 3 drawer cabinet so is not getting painted. The dishwasher front is off and not in operation because it too has being painted with the gripper and has its first coat of "Bisque" to match the other appliances. Didn't want to replace it just to get the right color because it's still pretty new and works great but doesn't come with a bisque option for the front panel.

OK on to the floor. The cabinets are supposed to be installed by the first or second week in November. The floor is tentatively scheduled for November 16th, It's Permastone and is called "Lavastone" It is 16inch squares with fake grout/mortar/whatever you call that stuff on two sides. They are to be put in diagonally.
The little blocks that are on top of the sample are some of the choices for the Corian countertop. Those 4 are among the 30 choices that are in their get an upgrade without paying more promotion. You pay for "A" color but all these are "C" colors which would normally cost more. There are some "F's" among the choices but I don't like them as much. It looks like the bigger the little goobies in the pattern, the more expensive the countertop. The one to the far left is called "Moss" and is my current choice. The integrated sink is free and I think we're getting an extra deep one that is sort of an oval shape instead of rectangular.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our day Saturday October 14, 2006

Limbs from the oak tree were beating against the house so Lynn rented a chainsaw-on-a-stick and cut limbs off and we hauled them over to the mulching place at Walkersville - quite the adventure.
We ended up having two loads of limbs.
Then on to the kitchen

We got the primer coat on the backsplash around the counter top so that we can paint over it.

And Lynn got the old light fixture taken down and the new ones put up.

We still have to put lenses and outer coverings on them, but they work.

Mike, the cabinet man, is working on them and is looking at installing first or second week in November.
Scott, the floor man, was back this week to remeasure and we put the order in. He will install after the cabinets are installed.
We got measurements etc. by one countertop contractor who forgot to bring samples. He'll bring them by on Monday. He is the son of the across-the-back- fence neighbor. I like him but we have another contractor to see about the countertops. We will most likely be getting Corian with an integrated sink.


Toward the pier - a mile this direction from our house.

From the first floor (bedrooms) deck

From the upper deck

So cool to spend every afternoon reading on the beach with your butt in the surf.

I finished 2 afghans for Christmas gifts and worked on one baby afghan and a sleeved shawl.

From September 30 to October 7 Lynn and I went to the Outer Banks, NC to the little town of Rodanthe at the north end of Hatteras Island for a rest and relaxation vacation. Not much to do there except look (and listen) to the ocean, fish if you are so inclined, pick up shells, walk the beach, read and crochet. Weather was great in the 80's and only down to the 60's at night. The last night we were there, there had been a storm north of us that rained a lot. We didn't get the rain but the wind blew and the tide was way up, lapping at the house's pilings on the morning of our departure but it didn't stop the surfers or kiteboarders.