Monday, August 13, 2007

Reunion 2007

Sunday, Aug 12 was the annual reunion for our gang. Cousins enjoyed the food and fun. We decided we'll do it again next year.
Evelyn, Renee, Edra, Sharon, and Katie at the reunion. (Jonthan cleaning up)

Grandma Edie and the twins.

Renee and Greg relaxing.

Jonthan and Alyssa at the auction.

Nanny and me enjoying the kids. See, I told you my hair was grayer.
Mr. Kool dons shades from his kiddy bag.

Tom brought a game of beanbag skill.

Fun on the swings for Anna and Eliza.

Stars of the show this year were Heidi and Brooke, twin daughters of Debbie, Edra's daughter. Cousin Hannah above caught a ride in their little green wagon.