Monday, December 31, 2007


At 6 a.m. there was a 40% off sale at Eleganza Yarns, my own little LYS. Of course, I want crazy. It was my anniversary yesterday after all. Many WIMs for socks and shawls and bags. Already cast on the black Baby Ull for a lacy shawl.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas bouquet

Matt and Marian sent flowers; they are gorgeous. Of course, the picture doesn't do justice.

More December projects

The two dishcloths are completed - comfort projects - busy hands, happy heart.
The thrummed mittens are an adventure into new territory. I'd never done anything "thrummed" before. I'm done with the first and have the wrist done on the second. I'm hoping to have it done shortly after Christmas to send to a friend up north. They are way too warm to wear down here. In case, gentle reader, you're not familiar with thrummed garments, the little pink spots are the visible part of chunks of wool roving that line the inside and are very fuzzy warm. Each little chunk is pulled from the roving, smoothed into a yarn-like strand and knit into the mitten as it progresses. It has an afterthought thumb which I think is very cool.

December knitting

I've finished up the Christmas socks - 17 pairs. I'm currently making a pair for me.
I'm now in the dreaded "second sock" phase. For you non-sock makers, the first sock is fun and exciting to see what this pattern will look like with this yarn. The second sock is just a chore. I'm trying to start a campaign for the style to change to wearing two different socks. Another approach is to find another sock knitter and trade to do the second sock. Any takers out there?