Friday, February 25, 2011

Restaurant Reviews

Lynn and I have decided to try out a new local restaurant each week probably at lunch time and to give them the Rector Five Star Review.

So.... Lynn wasn't with me when I went to lunch with some friends to the local Bob Evans. The service was terrific and the food was yummy. I had a spinach/bacon/tomato/egg biscuit bowl; all smothered in a cheesy sauce. The price was reasonable and I felt like I would like to try making this at home until I googled it on the Bob Evans website and found out that it had over 1000 calories. YIKES. Maybe if I ever go there with Lynn, we could split an entree, then have only salad the rest of the day.
OK the Bob Evans Evelyn review................4 stars. Kudos to Annie our waitress. Efficient and friendly.

Today, Lynn and I went to Rib City, never having been to one before. We both like BBQ but this place was just not up to standard. The paintings on the walls were pretty hokey along with the country music playing. Service was really good and friendly. Nickie, our server was informative and pretty fast.
The food, however, was generic. Lynn didn't go BBQ; he ordered an angus burger and really enjoyed it but left half of the fries. I ordered the BBQ chicken plate with coleslaw. The chicken was a wing and a breast. The wing was blackened to a crisp and the breast was dried out. The only redeeming grace was that it had a good smoky aroma and the sauce at the table made it palatable. Coleslaw was too sweet but that's better than vinegary. Texas toast was greasy and the fries which were just fries, covered 2/3 of the least 3 servings. I left most of them; not even worth bringing home. OK Rib City Rector review.....a skimpy 3 stars. Service was good; food mundane. No need to return there.