Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our day Saturday October 14, 2006

Limbs from the oak tree were beating against the house so Lynn rented a chainsaw-on-a-stick and cut limbs off and we hauled them over to the mulching place at Walkersville - quite the adventure.
We ended up having two loads of limbs.
Then on to the kitchen

We got the primer coat on the backsplash around the counter top so that we can paint over it.

And Lynn got the old light fixture taken down and the new ones put up.

We still have to put lenses and outer coverings on them, but they work.

Mike, the cabinet man, is working on them and is looking at installing first or second week in November.
Scott, the floor man, was back this week to remeasure and we put the order in. He will install after the cabinets are installed.
We got measurements etc. by one countertop contractor who forgot to bring samples. He'll bring them by on Monday. He is the son of the across-the-back- fence neighbor. I like him but we have another contractor to see about the countertops. We will most likely be getting Corian with an integrated sink.

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Susan said...

the kitchen is looking great! i don't think we'll even be able to recognize it!