Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January Knitting

Somewhere along the line, Mama and Baby Goose lost their stocking caps that go with their January ski outfits. So I faked them some new ones. I'm hoping it will keep their ears (?) warm.

Remember Tribbles from Star Trek? This is a Tribble. You can wash dishes with it or (my personal favorite) use two as potholders. If you made a really bigger one, could it be a tribble trivet?

I finally finished up the Baby Surprise Jacket. It's completely reversible and except for the collar, knit in just one piece with the only seams at the top of the sleeves.

Cabled purse made from free-cycled yarn that had been a half-way made afghan.

Baby booties for a February baby made from Baby Ull.

Socks of Alpaca Sox yarn with two different patterns. Second socks are the pits to knit - boooooorring. So I have a new rule. I can make socks with two different patterns as long as they are similar enough that people won't stop me on the street to point at my socks and laugh.

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lemmie said...

love your baby surprise & cabled purse! wow -you've been busy! i saw your dyed yarn. wow!