Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Kitchen

Once more into the breach, dear Friends. We've started work on the kitchen make over.
We had 2 companies out to measure for the new floor before Lynn decided we would do the bumpout into the garage for the refrigerator. He's going to do it himself : 0

So far we've taken out three cabinets and the soffit all around the room. Million year old stove goes soon. But first a hole in the wall behind it and a little cubbiehole built in for the new frig. Lynn found a guy he works at the temple with who is a cabinet maker. He thinks he can match our old cabinets (everyone else around here said that there was nothing like them made by retail cabinet makers now) We want to put the whole west wall in storage cabinets :)

Lynn's Dad's stained glass windows will fit in the kitchen window. We're looking into doing that.

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