Friday, February 09, 2007

More off the hook

These little guys are called Bashful Bob (and Bobbi?) It's hard to see but they have their hands in their pockets. Hence the bashful. Their caps are supposed to be sewn to their heads but I'm thinking they would be a good gift for a chemo kid with their little bald heads and a cap to wear.

Bookmarks for the bookmark exchange with AtMyHouse, a Yahoo group I enjoy.

Tunisian, knit and crocheted dishcloths for another exchange group in AtMyHouse.

A couple of granny squares going out on exchange with CrochetPartners.

1 comment:

lemmie said...

i love the dolls! we went for a brief visit to matt, marian and the kids last sunday and i saw the doll with the hair - too cute! i'm still working away on the sweater for ben. i saw your message - i want to come up very soon! a knitting weekend sounds awesome. we may have to wait until ben gets back from california. love,susan