Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sox, sox, sox

One of the on-line groups I belong to have been branching out into sock knitting. I finished the pair with the sock yarn Ben and Susan gave me for my B'Day. They are really cozy, thanks, guys.
I enjoyed the sock knitting but am not too crazy about the price of sock yarn. So..... I found a book with patterns for using DK or WW yarn. They make up really quick but are too bulky for REAL socks. But they are great for running around the house in.
I made Lynn a pair and he actually wears them!!!!

I've got the first one done of a pair for me. I actually put a pattern into these. It's a mini-cable or twisted stitch, whichever you want to call it. I used James C. Brett "Marble" yarn, size 8 bamboo double pointeds , and the pattern is called Mini-cable Socks from the Annie's Attic book The Ultimate Book of Knit Socks. (Actually, I'm not too crazy about these patterns. I've become used to the traditional way of separating stitches onto the three needles. These patterns do a variation of that. I just follow their stitches but separate them the way I want. ;)
I weighed the sock I have done and yarn I have left and should be able to make one pair from one skein about $ 6 I think - much better than the pricey sock yarn.


hakucho said...

Very nice socks! I made wool-ease socks and they're great for boots :)

happy kniting :)


Very nice socks! Try Plymouth Encore too for your socks-comes in DK and WW in solids and color blocked patterns. Usually $5-$6 a ball with yardage over 200 I think. One ball makes one pair!