Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2007 and Stash Enhancement Xpedition (SEX)

Saturday, Lynn and I went to the Howard County Fairgrounds to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. There were exhibits and vendors from all over North America.

Sheep herding by border collies was demonstrated.

There were a few aliens also available to pet.

Lots to see and buy.

Including lace weight alpaca yarn and some lace weight shetland.
Lots of other wools and other yarns.
A nice woman showed me how to spin yarn with 2 CDs and a dowel. The little swatch in the picture is made from yarn I spun myself. The plastic bag is full of roving to be made into yarn. It's the natural color of the sheep (her name is Maya). The pink cotton candy looking stuff has
been dyed but is also roving. Zoom in and you can see my "spinning wheel".

I've already got a pretty good start on a Seraphina shawl made from the lace weight alpaca. It's SOOO soft.


Karen said...

Very nice! Alpaca is a joy to work with and so nice to wear -- enjoy.

jmk said...

Oooo, a lace-weight alpaca Seraphina, how lovely! I'm thinking of making a lace-weight Seraphina for my friend - any idea how many yards you needed?

sofar_sogood at btinternet dot com