Saturday, October 06, 2007


I just found out about Family Search Indexing and got signed up and into it. I've done 1000 entries so far in 6 days. Lynn's doing it too. Mostly I've done 1900 census records for Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

One of the most interesting things was on the North Carolina page. The person's state/country of birth is in a column with his/her parents' places of birth in the next two columns. In the other 19 sheets I did, the places of birth especially for parents were all over the place - a great many in England, Germany, Sweden and lots of different states than the state I was working on. HOWEVER on the page for NC, every single person was born in NC and so were both parents. Does this say something?

A sad thing. When making a record for a woman, the question is asked # of births and # of living children. In 1900 of the 20 sheets I did more than half had lost at least one child and many of them had lost several. But they made up for it in total #. The highest I saw was 20. But lots had 10-12 births.

Contact me if you want to get involved in this and I'll tell you how.

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