Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Terrific General Conference

We had a great General Conference this past weekend. Very inspiring. Someone in the LDS Knitters forum of Ravelry challenged us that if we were going to be knitting while watching GC, that we knit things for LDS Humanitarian Services. So here are the things I got done - two little pairs of socks, a kimono, and a little sweater. Now I just have to get them to the right place.


DLovesocks said...

why kind of patterns did you use?

nanabear said...

The socks are Super Quick Baby Socks by Dilys Sutherland.
The kimono is Baby Kimono by Lion Brand Yarns except instead of putting ties on it, I sewed all 3 layers together at the sides. It's very full so should easily pull over the kid's head.
The Sweater is Classic T-Top Sweater in Knit for Kids except I made some changes. I used HomeSpun yarn and adjusted the # of stitches to meet the gauge. I CO 76 for the body in the round, then basically followed general instructions. Put 38st on holders, CO 24 for arms on each of the next 2 rows. Slipped edges of sleeves purlwise.
knit length for rest of front and put on holders. Picked up stitches for one arm, from body from holder, and picked up other arm. Knit back to same length. Grafted arm top Bound off center 7 inches front and back and then grafted other arm top.
No seams so completely reversible.
All patterns are free on the net and are available in the Ravelry pattern library. My name on Ravelry is nanarector if you want to look at specifics of the projects.