Sunday, June 25, 2006


I'm excited that Matt and family and Ben and Susan are coming up this weekend. I haven't seen the 4 grands in quite a while.

Busy on the knitting/crocheting front. Finished 3 Seraphina shawls this week (little ones for the grands), 3 exchange granny squares and one kitchen angel.

Lynn and I are going to pick our vacation house on the Outer Banks tonight.

Our RS president was just called to be Stake RS president so we should all be released next week. Then what? hard to say. A break would be great.

Last Wednesday was my last day at IMA. I still go back each week for my allergy shots; kind of weird seeing them all again when I am free and they are still rats in the ratrace.

It's storming here so I'd better get off the computer. :0

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Knitty Cat said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!
You crochet very well. I used to crochet, but I hurt my wrist and now crocheting hurts. It's why I took up knitting.
Anyway keep it up and good luck!