Monday, June 26, 2006

Latest WIPs

The place Dad and I picked out on the Outer Banks at Rodanthe. We'll be there 9/30-10/7

My newest granny square for exchange. My last one like this was done in blue and went to a lady in Edmonton, Ontario. The little caps are for chemo kids at Johns Hopkins. I still have to put some gold edging on the tiara on the lavender one. You can't see the camoflauge (sp?) one very well. It's cute and looks like a little army cap with a bill. The peach thing is a hooded sweater (inspired by Aunt Susan) that's knit from the top down. I'm almost to the point of separating off stitches for sleeves that will be finished later. You've just got to love yarn ;)

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Matt & Marian said...

Nice house. What part of OB is it in? No shortage of sand. Might need to take the 4X4.