Thursday, November 16, 2006


Before I finished all the painting, I was already sick of the green which turned out much darker when seen on a whole wall than it appeared on a little back to the drawing board.
After deciding on Granola as the color for the countertop, we chose "vanillin" as the wall color, kind of a cream with a touch of peach.
Jim Purcell is doing the countertops with Corian and is shown here making the template. He's ready to do it but the color is backordered and will be until after Thanksgiving before he can get it and install it. :(

Lynn finished installing the new lights and painting the ceiling. He also changed a bunch of the electrical stuff. We put up border with a leaf motif and carried it on to the switch plates ( that may or may not stay - we're trying it out to see if we like it or if it's too weird).
We brought the new microwave in and put it on the counter to use until it can be installed above the stove.
The stove is now gone and we're operating on nuking, crockpoting, rotisserie, takeout and sandwiches until the stove can be put in.

The guys from Potomac Tile and Carpet came today to install the floor. They put down a thin layer of plywood and then the Permastone. The color is "Lavastone" and is gray/green/brown.

Cabinets are due to go in Monday we think. Lynn says we can move the new stove into the kitchen temporarily for Thanksgiving cooking but take it into the diningroom for installing the countertops whenever that happens.

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