Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Yesterday Mike and Bob brought the new custom cabinets and installed them.

They also took out the hated corner cabinet and revamped it.

The color and style exactly match the original cabinets (the color in my pix doesn't look like it, but they DO) and we love them. They still have to install the small cabinet over the microwave, the three drawer unit in the corner, the shelf over the refrigerator bumpout and the shelves in the corner for the phone. They'll do all that after the counter and sink are put in which hopefully will be next week. Lynn brought the stove in last night so that I can cook again and have turkey for Thanksgiving. It will have to be removed to install the counters. The refrigerator is staying in the livingroom until after the counters are in.
Mike after after a hard day's work.

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