Monday, December 04, 2006

Almost Done !!!!

We got the refrigerator through the diningroom door and into place. The stove went into it's spot too. Because we went with keeping the old cabinet over the microwave, we ended up with an 8-inch cabinet left over. I think it's going to go up under the current one next to the stove. You can see the end of it in the pix of the stove. We have to get Michael to make a finished surface for the end that shows before we put it into place.
I've been knitting like crazy. While shopping for yarn at Eleganza, a local LYS, I saw a knit hedgehog and fell in love. They had copies of the pattern there so I got one and had one done in a day. I'll make more the correct way with wool and felt his face and body. I'll post more pictures as I get them done.
Got most of the Christmas shopping done; ordered from Now if it just gets here in time. I've eliminated 12-days-gifts this year - sorry, kids. With all the hubbub of the kitchen, I just didn't get it done. Next year I'll start earlier.
I think I'll do what Lisa did this year with my Christmas cards and write the newsletter (abbreviated) computer written in the card, stamp the front and TaDa - - - done!
I'm planning to start Christmas cookies today and make 2-3 batches each week to freeze for plates of cookies for HT, VT and neighbors. Besides it makes the house smell good. ;)

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lemmie said...

cool kitchen! can't believe it's almost done. i really love the hedgehog! we went to eleganza last time we came up to visit you.

see you all soon,