Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Key to Christmas Card Photo

Top row:
Olivia in Princess Leia Halloween costume
Dean at Fetty Holiday festivities (Charlotte just behind)
Nathan holding Jillian and Lisa with Elena
Rusty and Cara at Thanksgiving
Second row:
Charlotte and Elena in Pop's vibrating chair
Jillian and Bethany cracking each other up
Anna at home on the occasion of Bethany's blessing
Charlotte looking cute
Third row:
Dean, Olivia, and Elena making Pop Fetty's B'Day cake
Grant having breakfast at Nana's house
Marian holding Charlotte and Matt holding Grant with Dean and Olivia in front
Miss Leah in fancy hat
Bottom row:
Susan and Ben out and about
Evelyn and Lynn on Mt. of Olives, Dome of the Rock in background
Lynn among the excavation of old Roman city in Israel
Lynn reading on beach at Rodanthe, little town on North Hatteras Island

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